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Advisor Team

Support from experts.


Timothy Bradley

Former Senior Associate Director of Admission at Choate Rosemary Hall

Mr. Bradley is extremely well acquainted with not only the college-preparatory school admissions process, but also the experience of living at one, offering a variety of perspectives and advice informed from the numerous roles he has played within those institutions. In Choate's office of admission, he has interviewed more students than anyone else in the school's history, chaired nearly every admission committee, as well as written its handbook and a reader guide. He also spent quite a share of time there as a student, then went on to become a student advisor, coach, and teacher, among other things. Outside of his work, he has toured cities worldwide with Grammy-winning artists over a decade-long music career, and is the father of four successful adult children. He has generously offered to volunteer his services to EEA for free, and will advise, provide mock interviews to, and share his admissions experiences with students. He will be featured in vlogs, podcasts, and other resources which can be found on this site.

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